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Splish Splash

I’ve been wanting to take Zalyn to The City Garden in downtown St. Louis ever since it started to get hot out. So, when a failed mission to take her to the Circus occurred, we took the opportunity of being downtown to head on over to this glorious park. (The Circus attempt failed because I was a dummy and didn’t buy the tickets when I should’ve weeks ahead and the performance sold out. Duh!)

But we took advantage of it being an early Wednesday morning and not having to beat the crowds and drive around for hours for a parking spot. It was perfect. In spite having her morning nap skipped, Z was still her excited and happy self. We played in the water for a good half hour then she started walking towards the stroller and climbed in. She was ready to go. It was so cute.

So, how about some photo’s eh?











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Go Cards!

Me, My Dad, and My little brother, Tom at a Cards game at the old Busch Stadium.

So, I’m not a sports fan. Not at all. I’m that girl that thinks touchdowns are in hockey. But, I will join in the excitement that our hometown team, The Cardinals, are heading to the World Series! The year I moved back to St. Louis after galavanting all over the East Coast, the Cardinals won the world series. And this year, they are headed to that same victory. Of course my life is a bit different than it was in 2006. I would be proud to say that the year my first child was born, the Cardinals won the World Series.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “For someone who isn’t a sports person, this really is a big deal to her.” Yup, it sure is. And this is why.

St. Louis is a baseball town. We love our Cardinals. It sounds cheesy but it brings all of us together. We all get the same emotion over the victory. If our team plays bad or god forbid loses, the mood in the city is off.

I have so many memories of going to games as a child. Mom would dress us up in all red, pack a cooler of goodies and dad would take us. I would sit there with my score card bugging my dad every other minute with questions on what happened and how do I mark it on my score card. He never got annoyed, once. He would always just giggle and school me in the ways of baseball. Ozzie Smith was still playing at the time. My brother, Tom and I just thought he was the bees knees. At the beginning of every game, he would run out into field and do a backflip. We lived for that moment.

When we won the world series back in 2006, 4 of my siblings attended the game. One of my brothers told me that his hand hurt the next morning from high-fiving so many strangers. For some odd reason, that gives me the chills a little.

So, here’s to The Cardinals! May you kick all possible booty in this series. Even this not-a-sports-fan-but-loves-you fan is rooting for you.