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Tuesday’s Tunes

A day late….

Remember garbage from the 90s? Remember Shirley Manson and how we all wanted to be her? Well, I do, and boy did I ever want to be her. Remember this cover of Details magazine? Need I say more… Well, garbage have a new album coming on in May and you can download their new single here. I dig it. I dig it a lot.

I love this video from Nite Jewel. Makes me think Desperate Housewives meets Eyes Wide Shut.

This song by Aluna George is just heavenly.

And I know this is an oldie but it makes me happy. I love Miami Horror. And it is so fitting for the lovely weather we are beginning to have. Yay spring!

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Tuesday’s Tunes

Back when I worked at record stores in my twenties, Tuesday was my favorite day of the week. New Music day. So, to inspire me to keep up with my music obsession, I’m going to devote just a few moments of my day each Tuesday to find a new artist/song/band.

Come along with me. It’ll be a musical journey.

So, first and foremost. There’s this AMAZING compilation put together by Blonde Redhead to benefit the victims of the 2011 Tsunami in  Japan. It’s a beautiful collaboration of some of the best artists out there. Check it out here.

Three artist’s to check out:


White Car

The Weeknd

Now enjoy this absolutely beautiful and stunning song. I’m melting…. I just adore this song…

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