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I had a lovely girl chat with my sister-in-law a few days ago. Shooting the breeze, gossiping, being sisters. We got to talking about how sometimes being a wife is tougher than being a mom. In fact, this topic comes up with us a lot. And not just with her but with my other sisters.

So, where do we find the balance between the roles of mother and wife? Oh and let’s throw in there daughter in law, employee, daughter, sister, friend. How do we please everyone?

And the answer is simple, I suppose. We can’t please everyone.

But how do you tell that to someone who is obsessed with making everyone happy?

I want my daughter to grow up surrounded by strength and dignity and positivity. I want her to know that no matter what, anything is possible and nothing is as bad as it seems. I want her to know that her mommy does and will continue to do what is best for her, always, forever. And all the while, the people surrounding her were dealt the same card. It’s only fair.

So I don’t exactly have a solution. I only know that it’s something I am going to whole-heartedly work on. But I believe the key to all of this is to remind myself not to stress about it. Not to get caught up in the emotions of others. To know that every day, every moment, I am doing my best. And the most important thing is that we are all cared for, healthy and happy.

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