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Holiday Baking Party

Our annual holiday baking party was this past Sunday. Andres was lucky enough to be off work so when he walked in the door with me and Zalyn, all my family were so happy to see him. He was behind the camera the whole time so no pictures of him, but I promise he was there.

Am I the only one that’s in complete shock that Christmas is THIS WEEK!

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A Day At The Park

We had a pretty fantastic Sunday. Started out with a delicious brunch at Brasserie. Then we did some shopping at City Sprouts for little Z. Then we topped it off with a lovely meet up at Forest Park with 2 of my siblings and their families. It was pretty perfect.

There's just something about this picture of Z and her cousin, Nolan, that melts my heart

Smiles for Aunt Christine

Showing off her new crawling skills

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Today After Work

I hurried home after a long day at work today to see my little lady. It’s been a long week filled with plenty of stress, tears and missing my lady. Yes, I am away from her only 3 days a week but it’s rough. I will not lie. I can not sugar coat it. So, needless to say, I was happy to be home from work and ready to start our “weekend” together. I am off Sunday through Wednesday. It’s the best 4 days of my week. So, when I got home from work, I asked our lovely nanny, Kitty, to put her in a cute outfit because it was Saturday and what does this silly mama do every Saturday? Take her weekly picture. She was born on a Saturday so I’ve taken her picture every single Saturday next to a note card saying how old she is. I joke that I’m going to do it every week for her entire life. Her wedding day will be on a Saturday and I’ll say, “Time for your weekly picture, Miss Zalyn.” She will thank me one day.

I asked Kitty to take a few pictures of me and my little lady. I’m always the one behind the camera so there isn’t too many pictures of us.

I did 2 makeup applications at work so pardon the makeup smeared hands

My little blue-eyed angel

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23 Weeks

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Playing Catch Up… Zalyn’s First Month

I have a bit of an issue with consistently blogging. I had a different blog and I just couldn’t stay on top of blogging regularly. So I decided to start over. Try a different format. Be more diligent about posting. I have out of town family and friends that are always wanting to see new pictures of Zalyn and know what’s happening in our world. So, let’s see how I do.

Needless to say, since April 30th, I’ve had a bit of a life change. The most incredible and exciting change I have ever experienced. I am beyond in love with my daughter, Zalyn. Care to see her since she was born? Well, of course you do!

Her first month:

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A Day with her cousins

Yesterday we spent the day with Maggie and Cate and my parents. We went to the butterfly house in Faust Park and rode the Carousel. It was Zalyn’s first carousel ride.

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