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Leap Year

There was a 29th of February this year. And yours truly was pretty excited about it. I’ve made a habit out of not going crazy on my Birthday. Not making a big deal out of it. Sometimes even not really celebrating it at all. I got into the mind frame that “If there’s not 29, why celebrate something that isn’t even there?”

Silly, I know.

But, that’s just how I’ve always been. I suppose it’s my modesty, or my lack of confidence that any one else would make a big deal out of my Birthday. I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it was my elementary years in which fellow classmates called me a “baby” or “weird.” Or what about that year when I threw this “big” Birthday party when I was 12, and only 3 people came? Or throw in that Birthday when I was living in New York where my friends attempted to throw me a surprise party and ended up having to drive around Manhattan and Brooklyn for 3 hours with me blindfolded, waiting for friends to arrive. Only to get me to the final destination with only 5 friends there.

So, I’ve grown up. I look back at those two parties. That Brooklyn surprise party was one of my fondest memories I had in my NYC years. The few friends that were there were the ones that mattered. Who cares if the boy I had a crush on didn’t make it. It was an amazing time. And that year wasn’t even a leap year!

My 30th Birthday party was an exception, of course. But part of it was I rented a bar, had a theme, made cupcakes, had tons of food. I made sure I wasn’t the only reason people should come party with me.

Again, I’ve grown up.

It doesn’t matter what I do for my Birthday. It doesn’t matter who’s there. It doesn’t matter if I even have a Birthday. All that matters is the frame of mind I’m in. And this year, on my 32nd/ 8th Birthday, I was 100% content. A trip to my favorite park. Throw in a little picnic and some beautiful weather. Add my 2 favorite people. And top it off with a Birthday dinner here with some of my favorite people.

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day.

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28 Years Ago…

Happy Birthday to this pretty awesome dude.