Memory Lane Monday

Since this week is my Birthday, I thought what a perfect excuse to take a stroll down Memory Lane to my 30th Birthday party 2 years ago. Farewell to my 20’s. It was a magical time. I just love looking through the pictures. Here’s just a few of my favorites. Happy Monday!

My parents are cooler than yours!

With my wig, I look SO much like my sister

My siblings (only 3 of the 5 pictured here) are cooler than yours!

My hubby cleans up nicely, doncha think?

Handsome fella's

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Obsessing over- Working out. Still trying to figure out if a gym membership is worth it and in our budget. So as of now, I go for a jog in the morning after Z wakes up. It kick starts my day in the right direction and I just feel so much more energized throughout the day. The days I don’t get a work out, I feel it. I’m more sluggish throughout the day. So I’m trying to figure out a plan that can fit into every day and what works for me. If I don’t get a jog in the morning, I almost always take Z out for a walk at some point during the day, weather permitting.

Working on- This house. The organizing, the rearranging, the de-cluttering, the making it a home. It is all never ending. We would really love to get into a bigger place a little closer to both our jobs but we are making it work while we are here.

Thinking About- How much I’m going to miss my brother and his family. They are headed west tomorrow. His job is transferring him to California. As excited as I am for him, I’m pretty quite selfishly sad.

Anticipating- Zalyn’s first Birthday. It’s only two months away. I can’t believe it. We will be doing the party all ourself. I intend to do all the baking and definitely all the decorating. I think I nailed down a theme, too. I’m super excited.

Listening to- This is an easy one. I’m currently playing Gotye’s cd, Making Mirrors. Also, the new Grimes album, Visions and the lovely Zola Jesus’ record, Conatus.

Eating- I made another batch of homemade granola bars. But this time I added some banana chips. Makes them a little more crunchy. So yummy.

Wishing- My husband didn’t work so much. I’m just going to leave it at that.

Thank you to Danielle’s blog for the inspiration

After a Nap

A good nap does a baby good… obviously…

Tuesday’s Tunes

Fiona Apple announced some U.S. tour dates. Chicago is the closest stop.

Santigold released a new single from her upcoming album, Master of My Make-Believe. You can download the single, Disparate Youth, on iTunes.

Little Dragon, Sleigh Bells and Santigold have been announced for the opening acts for the Red Hot Chili Peppers upcoming tour. Little Dragon will be on the roster for the St. Louis show on May 25th.

Tanlines have done it again with wowing me…. This video is so rad.

This list of most blogged artists of 2011 is amazing.

Miike Snow released the track list for their new album coming out March 27. So excited for this one.

New albums out this week:

Sleigh Bells- Reign of Terror

Grimes- Visions

Fun.-Some Nights

Chiddy Bang- Breakfast

Cursive- I Am Gemini

And I’ll leave you with a lovely little song by Neon Indian:

A Roadtrip to Iowa

As much as I absolutely loved going on this little mini vacation with Z, it pained me that we HAD to. Let me explain… As we know, it is not legal for same sex couples to marry in every single state. So, when my sister wants to commit her life and love to her partner, she should be able to. Not have to drive/fly/travel somewhere else to do it only for it to be legit only there….

But we had the most amazing time. My sister lives a couple hours away so we started the trip out with a little drive to her house. Zalyn did wonderful on that car ride. Slept most of the way. We spent the first day there lounging around, playing with iPad’s, Zalyn got some cuddles with Aunt Christine while I ran errands with her partner, Katie. It was a great start to the trip.

We headed for Iowa early Monday morning. We took our time, made stops. Two memorable stops- one was at the American Gothic House. They have prairie dresses and overalls that you can dress up in and take your picture in front of the house. It was a pretty exciting stop. My nephew Nolan, got into character real quick. He loved it. Our second stop was a stop for lunch at this teeny tiny little dinner. To sum it up: Took us 20 minutes of standing around waiting to be seated until someone tols us to seat ourselves, Nolan’s grilled cheese wasn’t grilled, they didn’t bring us out any silverware or napkins, brought us tuna instead of chicken salad, gave us water with no ice, many many eye-rolling and sighing when we asked for anything and so on and so forth. As horrible as the service was, we laughed if off. We joked about it the entire trip. “Just a minute on the silverware.”

We spent 2 days in a beautiful log cabin in Charles city, Iowa. Zalyn was loving all the extra attention she was getting from her aunts and cousins. It was so lovely. I am so honored that they chose us to be a part of it. The ceremony was by a bonfire in the snow-filled woods.

Congratulations to my sister and her wonderful partner, Katie. May state borders never divide your love and commitment.

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Homemade Granola Bars

My amazingly inspiring boss shared her delicious homemade granola bar recipe with me. And since so many of my friends and family are eager to try them as well, I thought I’d blog them here. Easier than emailing the recipe, dontcha think?

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 small (14 oz) can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

2 cups of old fashioned oats (NOT the quick kind)

1/2 cup flax seed

1/2 cup crushed cashews

1/2 cup cut up dried apricots

1/2 cup cut up dried cherries

1/4 cup craisins

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

1/2 cup coconut flakes

1/2 cup of any other yummy dry ingredients your heart desires. i.e. sesame seeds, almonds

Preheat your oven to 275. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Then add the sweetened condensed milk. Mix together until well combined. The key is the more milk and less dry ingredients, the gooey-er the bars will turn out. And vice versa. So, you can use your own judgement. If it’s too wet, add more oats or any of the other dry ingredients you’d like more of. I love apricots so I used a lot of those. Cover your baking sheet in a sheet of parchment paper. Spread the mixture over the paper. I used my hands to smoosh it all over. It should cover the entire baking sheet.

Bake for 45-55 minutes. I let mine cool over night but you don’t have to. Once it is cool, break into pieces with your hands. Store in a ziploc bag for freshness. It will stay fresh up to 2 weeks. I even crumbled some and poured almond milk over it (another great idea from my lovely boss.)


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Tuesdays Tunes

I’m back! And what a way to kick things back into gear with a special Tuesday Tunes. I’ll first start out with some newbies:

This song by First Person Shootr is so hypnotizing. I’m in love.

The lineup for Bonnaroo was announced today. My facebook feed was flooded with people posting about it. It’s a pretty good lineup. Beach Boys? How awesome is that?

I was recently informed that Zola Jesus is coming to St. Louis. Pretty excited about this show. I posted about her here.

Remember when I mentioned that Fiona Apple is working on a new record? Well, Pitchfork announced today that she will be playing their showcase at SXSW this year. Just a little bit closer to a real tour and an amazing record! So stoked for this comeback.

Here’s another girlie goodie for ya. EMA has a beautiful sound. She, too, is coming to St. Louis this spring.

Currently playing on repeat. This new track by Charli XCX

And since today is Valentines Day, how about a few of my favorite love songs. Sure, why not. ( I tried to make a playlist of all of them so you can enjoy them but not all of them were available. Sorry about that. Take my word for it, these are goodies. ) But I will tell you, it was hard to narrow it down to a short list. I just randomly picked some of my favorites. What are some of your favorite love songs?

Sondre Lerche- Let My Love Open The Door

Rise Against!- Swing Life Away

Goldfrapp- Number One

The Go Find- Forever in Your Eyes

Beth Orton- Anywhere

Tahiti 80- Your Love Shines

Bright Eyes- First Day of My Life

Bloc Party- Blue Light

Lauryn Hill- Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

Tegan and Sara- This is Everything

Onelinedrawing- Smile


Tomorrow, We’re Off…

Tomorrow Zalyn and I are headed out on our first little vacation. My lovely sister is tying the knot! We’re headed to Iowa where we will stay here, watch the two most lovely little love birds make their commitment to each other, spend time with my bestie’s, and have our very own little getaway. No Tuesday Tunes this week. Be back in a few days with plenty of pictures, of course!