Bits and Pieces

We had a glorious week. Here’s some tid bits…









One- She has a new found love for this video.
Two- And my dad has a new found love for painting. It’s pretty flippin awesome.
Three- I made Zalyn a romper. I used this tutorial. Super easy.
Four- One-handed stance
Five- Smiles for cousin Leta
Six- A lot of time was spent outside. Picnic style. Helooooooo Spring!
Seven- Curly locks are beginning to sprout
Eight- Goofiness with Aunt Christine.

*thank you to Bluebird Vintage for the inspiration for this post.

Tuesday’s Tunes

A day late….

Remember garbage from the 90s? Remember Shirley Manson and how we all wanted to be her? Well, I do, and boy did I ever want to be her. Remember this cover of Details magazine? Need I say more… Well, garbage have a new album coming on in May and you can download their new single here. I dig it. I dig it a lot.

I love this video from Nite Jewel. Makes me think Desperate Housewives meets Eyes Wide Shut.

This song by Aluna George is just heavenly.

And I know this is an oldie but it makes me happy. I love Miami Horror. And it is so fitting for the lovely weather we are beginning to have. Yay spring!

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I had a lovely girl chat with my sister-in-law a few days ago. Shooting the breeze, gossiping, being sisters. We got to talking about how sometimes being a wife is tougher than being a mom. In fact, this topic comes up with us a lot. And not just with her but with my other sisters.

So, where do we find the balance between the roles of mother and wife? Oh and let’s throw in there daughter in law, employee, daughter, sister, friend. How do we please everyone?

And the answer is simple, I suppose. We can’t please everyone.

But how do you tell that to someone who is obsessed with making everyone happy?

I want my daughter to grow up surrounded by strength and dignity and positivity. I want her to know that no matter what, anything is possible and nothing is as bad as it seems. I want her to know that her mommy does and will continue to do what is best for her, always, forever. And all the while, the people surrounding her were dealt the same card. It’s only fair.

So I don’t exactly have a solution. I only know that it’s something I am going to whole-heartedly work on. But I believe the key to all of this is to remind myself not to stress about it. Not to get caught up in the emotions of others. To know that every day, every moment, I am doing my best. And the most important thing is that we are all cared for, healthy and happy.

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I used to journal. I used to journal A LOT. I have so many notebooks, diaries, what have you, that they fill up an entire suitcase. I have some of them here at my home and some in the basement of my parents house. Yes, I have so many that I have to split them up for they don’t all fit in my tiny little home. Why is this relevant? Well, it’s crucial because I can count on ONE hand how many notebooks I have from the past let’s say, 6 years.

This makes me sad. Very sad.

Now, I might add that when I bought my first very own computer back in 2002, I started journaling on the Text Edit of that lovely little Powerbook G4. I have since printed out all those pages. They’re in the suitcase at my parents house. But in the mist of typing on those little white keys, I also wrote out on pages while I was away from my computer. Which was often because in those years, I was very busy. Spent quite a lot of time on subways and buses.

Ok, back to my point.

I feel in the years that I have slacked off in my writing, I’ve lost a little bit of myself. I’ve lost my creative spark. I feel as if my brain is on lockdown. Sometimes when telling a story or explaining something, I struggle to find the right words. Is it left over pregnancy brain? Or is my brain responding to the fact that I don’t “use” it nearly as much as I once did?

Let me add another point, in all of my years being a “journaler” I never once published any of it. I never had a Live Journal or a blog. In fact, my first blog wasn’t until 2 years ago when my sister in law inspired me to do one. But I promised myself I would never use my blog like I used my notebooks. My blog would just be an online “database” of pictures and my daily musings. Nothing personal. Which, I would somewhat like it to remain that way.

Ok, back to my point, again. If you only saw any of these said notebooks, “this” happened a lot. I strayed from the topic. A lot. So much that sometimes certain topics weren’t revisited for at least a few days.

So, in an effort to “start over”, to “get back into the swing of things,” “get my brain working again,” I am going to go to the bookstore and buy a brand new notebook. Yes, I have roughly 10 notebooks lying around the house. One has this, one has that in it, what have you. But this new notebook will be the new beginning. It will be me getting my groove back. It will be me writing just for the sake of writing. It will be my “Morning Pages.”

Wish me luck.

What about you? How do you stay inspired? How do you keep your “motor running”?

Part of the inspiration for this post is coming from the book, The Artist’s Way.

This little lady…

Makes my world go ’round.

Is the milk to my cereal, the peanut butter to my jelly, the cheese to my macaroni.

Is the best part of every single day.

Melts my heart with every little thing she does.

Takes my breath away.

Mama loves you little, Z.

Tuesday’s Tunes

Sorry, I was absent for Tuesday’s Tunes last week. I have no excuse. I apologize.

This week I’m just going to focus on one thing.

The lovely Fiona Apple. She announced the title of her upcoming album.

The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do.

I wouldn’t expect anything else but amazing from her. I was first introduced to her when I was 16.  I saw her on 120 Minutes. My weekly ritual was recording 120 Minutes every week, watching it throughout the week, taking notes on new artists. I had a rough time in high school. Fiona Apple really spoke to me.

And each album following just resinated inside me. It was as if they came out at just the right moment in my life that I needed a certain guidance. Sounds silly, but that girl really has a voice and I’ve been hearing it loud and clear for many years. And the announcement of her new album just sheds a light that I believe will never burn out.

Thank you, Miss Fiona. Keep singing. I’m listening, loud and clear. And so is Zalyn.

So, I will leave you with a few of my favorites by her. Although it’s pretty hard to narrow it down to just a few.

Never is a Promise makes me cry every time I hear it. Still.

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KONY 2012

He must be stopped.

This needs to end.

We need to show our children and our grandchildren someday that justice was served. That we did something. That we made a difference.

Go here and sign the pledge.

Repost, tweet, update, talk, yell about it.

Make KONY a celebrity so everyone knows who he is and how he needs to be stopped.

sidenote: I saw someone rant on Instagram about how people are just jumping on the bandwagon and that in a couple weeks, no one will care, this won’t be important anymore. For the record, who cares how, when and why we are passionate about this issue? The fact is that we are. That we want to make a difference. And if we continue to speak, act about it, it will remain important. Invisible Children have been working hard since 2003. It has always been important to them. Who’s to say it won’t stay powerful and important to us?

Do something.


Leap Year

There was a 29th of February this year. And yours truly was pretty excited about it. I’ve made a habit out of not going crazy on my Birthday. Not making a big deal out of it. Sometimes even not really celebrating it at all. I got into the mind frame that “If there’s not 29, why celebrate something that isn’t even there?”

Silly, I know.

But, that’s just how I’ve always been. I suppose it’s my modesty, or my lack of confidence that any one else would make a big deal out of my Birthday. I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it was my elementary years in which fellow classmates called me a “baby” or “weird.” Or what about that year when I threw this “big” Birthday party when I was 12, and only 3 people came? Or throw in that Birthday when I was living in New York where my friends attempted to throw me a surprise party and ended up having to drive around Manhattan and Brooklyn for 3 hours with me blindfolded, waiting for friends to arrive. Only to get me to the final destination with only 5 friends there.

So, I’ve grown up. I look back at those two parties. That Brooklyn surprise party was one of my fondest memories I had in my NYC years. The few friends that were there were the ones that mattered. Who cares if the boy I had a crush on didn’t make it. It was an amazing time. And that year wasn’t even a leap year!

My 30th Birthday party was an exception, of course. But part of it was I rented a bar, had a theme, made cupcakes, had tons of food. I made sure I wasn’t the only reason people should come party with me.

Again, I’ve grown up.

It doesn’t matter what I do for my Birthday. It doesn’t matter who’s there. It doesn’t matter if I even have a Birthday. All that matters is the frame of mind I’m in. And this year, on my 32nd/ 8th Birthday, I was 100% content. A trip to my favorite park. Throw in a little picnic and some beautiful weather. Add my 2 favorite people. And top it off with a Birthday dinner here with some of my favorite people.

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day.

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Tuesday’s Tunes

I’ll start with some commentary on The Voice. We loved watching last season. It aired right around the time Zalyn was born so we have memories of watching the blind auditions with a newborn in our arms. So, this season, we’re automatically hooked. I’m rooting for Christina’s team. My favorites are Lindsey Pavao and Charlotte Sometimes (from Blake’s team.) What about you? You watching The Voice this season, who are you rooting for?

I’ve always been an Indigo Girls fan. All thanks to my lovely sister who loves them. Amy Ray, one half of the girls of indigo, released her 6th solo album today. I’m loving it.

So, remember a few weeks ago when everyone was freaking out about the At The Drive-In reunion? Well, it turns out to just be a “nostalgia thing,” says Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from the group. I’m ok with that. As long as they pass through St. Louis for a show. I think it’s quite ironic that I’ve seen them a few times, all of which were in New York. That’s actually the case with quite a few of my favorite bands. Spent the greater part of my 20s listening to bands that aren’t really doing much these days. But I have the albums and memories to show for it.

Metric have announced that their new album, Synthetica, will be out June 12

Now, THIS is a festival I would break my I’m-too-old-for-festivals outlook for…

Miike Snow’s new record, Happy To You, came out today. It’s pretty good but I’m not going to lie, it’s nothing like their last one.

Why did it take me so long to buy this album by Shabazz Palaces??? They’re coming to St. Louis on April 24th to the Luminary Center for the Arts.

Speaking of The Luminary... Let’s just talk a minute about the Zola Jesus show last week. That girl has a voice. And a voice that is not to be reckoned with, even live. BUT… the show made me second guess all the shows coming to the Luminary in the months ahead. Why? Well, maybe because A) there is no stage and B) there was zero lighting. So, therefore, we couldn’t see ANYTHING. I could barely see my friends that I went with. Yea, maybe if we arrived earlier and got a “spot” right up front. But still, it would be akward with no stage. Will the negative experience I had at the Luminary convince me not to go see all the amazing shows ahead? Hmmm… we’ll see.

Pitchfork announced their festival lineup for this summer.

My hubby will be over the moon excited when he finds out about this news… Squarepusher announced he has a new album coming out May 15.

I leave you with a track by CSS that constantly comes on our Pandora station at work. I just can’t get enough of it.