Mothers Day


My first Mothers Day, last year.

A lot can be said about Mothers Day. The privilege it is to be called mother. That warm feeling in my heart I get when my little girl looks at me with stars in her eyes. The excitement I get for every single morning where I can start another wonderful day with my daughter.

The honor it is to call my wonderful Mother MY Mother. The lessons I have learned from her. The humbleness I feel just thinking about all that she has done for me.

The bond that my husband shares with his mother and the chill I get seeing them together. The smile that my mother in law wears when she sees her grand daughter.

That happiness I feel seeing my sisters as mothers. The joy in the eyes of my nieces and nephews that they have such wonderful mothers, mothers that I am lucky to call “sisters.” The countless texts, phonecalls, sit down chats I have had with these mothers about how to be the mom I have become today.

The words my oldest brother said to me and Zalyn yesterday, “Zalyn, you sure are making her into being the best Mommy.”

That is what Mothers Day is all about.

Happy (belated) Mothers Day to all  you wonderful mothers!


Me and my girlie this Mothers Day


Rainbow Cupcakes Recipe

From the second we decided on the Rainbow/Color theme for Zalyn’s First Birthday Party, I was excited about making the cupcakes. I’ve made multi-colored cupcakes before. I did orange, yellow and white ones for Halloween to look like a candy corn. But never have I done 5 colors in one cupcake! It was easy, I will tell you. But a lot of steps.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 1 box of WHITE cake mix- Make sure it’s the white and not the yellow.

– The ingredients the box calls for. I used Pillsbury. It has an egg white recipe and the whole egg recipe. I used the egg white recipe for two reasons- healthier and the batter will be more white so the colors will mix much more brighter.

Wilton Food Coloring GELS. These are crucial. Don’t use food coloring liquid, you won’t get the vibrancy. I got the multi-pack of the gels from Wal-Mart. They’re actually kinda tricky to find. Some Hobby Lobby locations will have them. But the multi-pack, I’ve only been able to find at Wal-Mart. It’s a better buy than purchasing each color separate.

And here’s what you do:

1. Mix the cake mix, eggs, oil and water in a large bowl or stand mixer.

2. Gather 5 plastic cups. I used these so I wouldn’t stain any bowls. But this is just a personal preference. Seperate the batter into each of the cups. Separate the batter by putting 2 cups of batter into each cup.


3. In each cup add a couple drops of the food coloring gel. Stir until you no longer see any of the white batter. You can add as much of the gel as you want. BUT- if you add too much, it can get runny and make your batter a bit liquidy.

4. Prepare your cupcake tins by lining them with paper liners. I used white ones so my guests could see the color. You can start with any color you want. I mixed it up a bit. I didn’t go in any paticular order. Put 2 tablespoons of one color. If you want the swirl effect,then just add the next color, and the next color, etc. If you want the layered effect without them running together then dip your finger in a small bowl of water and swirl each layer to lay flat. I did the swirl effect. It made them look like colorful marbles.


5. I filled each one up almost completely full. I like a big cupcake, what can I say?

6. Bake as instructed on the cake batter box.

7. Decorate the cupcakes to your liking. You can use the food coloring gels for the icing as well, but I just used white icing.


Voila! You’re done!!!! Aren’t they fun?


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A Week with Nani and Papi

We had a lovely week with Andres’ parents. They live in Orlando so when we see them, we cherish every moment.


Tuesday’s Tunes

It was a sad week in the music world. We lost someone powerful. Someone who was part of something amazing, something that signified friendship and teamwork. That teamwork produced some of the greatest albums of our time.  I’ve always been a pretty big Beastie Boys fan. Seeing them perform the summer after I graduated high school was one of my favorite memories. I remember listening to “Fight For Your Right” with my brothers in the basement of the house we grew up in. I remember the first time I saw this video. My brothers and I used to run around the house singing it driving my mother crazy. I’m not gonna lie, it just may have been when I was developing crushes on musicians outside the “boy group genre”. (ahem, New Kids On The Block)  And who could forget this video? It was a time when people bothered to watch MTV for the sole content of music and music only. Oh my how things have changed.

RIP Adam Yauch. I’m sorry that your last years here you were battling cancer. My heart aches for your family and close friends. Thank you for the impact you made on music and the industry.

Zalyn’s Rainbow First Birthday Party

I think it’s safe to say that last Sunday was one of my favorite days. (Second, of course, to the day baby girl was born.)

All the planning, all the preparation. All the time put into it…. ALLLLLL worth it. It was perfect.

For food, we did fruit skewers, pasta salad (made my my wonderful mother-in-law), chicken skewers (slaved by my wonderful hubby and in-laws), Rainbow cupcakes (made my me) and cupcake pops (guilty as well.)

We had a “photo booth” complete with a rainbow banner background and tons of goofy props for the guests to dress in for fun, memorable pictures. It was so great to see so many of them get involved.

I set up a spot to display “The Saturday Diaries.” It’s the book I put together of Zalyn’s Saturday pictures and the write-up of what she was doing that week.

We also had a “Birthday Book” in which we asked our guests to draw pictures, tell Z a story, etc. I was totally that hostess that walked around throughout the party, “Did you sign the book?”

And now, without further a due… the photo’s. I believe after this post, I will have reached my limit on the free wordpress account.

sidenote: Zalyn’s dress is from here . My dress is here . My mother got Zalyn’s Birthday hat and bib from here.

I’ll be doing a seperate post about the cupcakes and cake pops soon. 

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A Peak At The Birthday Party

It’s going to take me quite some time to sift through all of the amazing photo’s from Zalyn’s First Birthday Party.

Until then, here’s just a glimpse of what went down yesterday…

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Tuesday Tunes

Let’s talk about Passion Pit. When I first heard them it was the summer of 2009. This may sound strange but every time I listen to their beautiful album, Manners, I am taken back to my drives to and from work. The highway was under construction so I had to take many back roads. There was one road in paticular. It took you on the outskirts of Forest Park. Lined with house after house that just took your breath away. I love every thing about Passion Pit. So when I found out that they have a new album coming out July 24, I was a bit over the moon.

Our Fiona Apple tickets have been purchased! And here’s a single off her upcoming new album. Love it.

Since my absence, a lot has happened in the music world. The best thing? Lou Fest’s lineup was announced. It’s good, darn good. We took Zalyn last year when she was just 4 months old. She got to see !!!, TV on the Radio and Cat Power. We plan on taking her again this year.

Check out this beautiful track from Purity Ring.

And this one from AlunaGeorge

And they’re back. And just as fun… I just love this band!

Now I’m just going to shout out some new bands/musicians to check out… and go!!! (Sorry if any of them aren’t new to you. I’ve been out of touch the past few weeks. Just trying to catch up)


Ramona Falls

Phantogram (their track When I’m Small is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs)

Now your turn… Shout out some stuff I need to check out. I’m aching for some new music.

Memory Lane Monday

Our dear, dear, dear friend, Christopher is working on a special surprise for Zalyn’s Birthday party. Not indulging what it is but let’s just say it has to do with pictures. He asked that I collect a good amount of some of my favorites of little Z-Pack. So, needless to say, I’m strolling down memory lane quite a bit lately.

This picture….

She was almost 5 months old. Fell asleep on Daddy’s Transformers blanket while playing.

I just love her so.

A bit distracted

Things have been crazy. Not necessarily busy-crazy. But just crazy. I feel as if I go go go. And My body decided to lash out on me. My sciatica got so bad that for two days in a row I was hunched over, walking as if I was crippled, and even feeling like I was crippled. I’ve been struggling with sciatica since high school. The only time that it didn’t give me a hard time was surprisingly, when I was pregnant! I know, strange.

So, an emergency appointment with the chiropractor and I was on my way to recovery. I’ve been twice since last week. It’s helped out a lot. I think I just need to learn to take it easy from time to time. Even when there’s a pile of dishes in the sink. Even when I’m anxious to get a sewing project done.

So, as I sit here at my computer while little one naps, I take a look around at all the things I “should” be doing or “need” to be doing and I obsess over it. So, I will wrap this up. Just an update as to why I’ve been MIA and why there hasn’t been any Tuesday Tunes. On that note, I’m just going to say that Fiona Apple will be coming to STL in July. I’m a happy little camper!

I have a list extremely long of blog posts I’d like to get to so don’t be surprised if I do decide to leave the laundry in the dryer and go on a blogging spree. Some new posts may or may not pop up throughout the next couple of days, at least I hope so… We’ll see.

Bye for now!

When life gives you lemons….

Give some to your 11 month old, of course!