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Tuesday’s Tunes

It was a sad week in the music world. We lost someone powerful. Someone who was part of something amazing, something that signified friendship and teamwork. That teamwork produced some of the greatest albums of our time.  I’ve always been a pretty big Beastie Boys fan. Seeing them perform the summer after I graduated high school was one of my favorite memories. I remember listening to “Fight For Your Right” with my brothers in the basement of the house we grew up in. I remember the first time I saw this video. My brothers and I used to run around the house singing it driving my mother crazy. I’m not gonna lie, it just may have been when I was developing crushes on musicians outside the “boy group genre”. (ahem, New Kids On The Block)  And who could forget this video? It was a time when people bothered to watch MTV for the sole content of music and music only. Oh my how things have changed.

RIP Adam Yauch. I’m sorry that your last years here you were battling cancer. My heart aches for your family and close friends. Thank you for the impact you made on music and the industry.

Tuesday Tunes

Let’s talk about Passion Pit. When I first heard them it was the summer of 2009. This may sound strange but every time I listen to their beautiful album, Manners, I am taken back to my drives to and from work. The highway was under construction so I had to take many back roads. There was one road in paticular. It took you on the outskirts of Forest Park. Lined with house after house that just took your breath away. I love every thing about Passion Pit. So when I found out that they have a new album coming out July 24, I was a bit over the moon.

Our Fiona Apple tickets have been purchased! And here’s a single off her upcoming new album. Love it.

Since my absence, a lot has happened in the music world. The best thing? Lou Fest’s lineup was announced. It’s good, darn good. We took Zalyn last year when she was just 4 months old. She got to see !!!, TV on the Radio and Cat Power. We plan on taking her again this year.

Check out this beautiful track from Purity Ring.

And this one from AlunaGeorge

And they’re back. And just as fun… I just love this band!

Now I’m just going to shout out some new bands/musicians to check out… and go!!! (Sorry if any of them aren’t new to you. I’ve been out of touch the past few weeks. Just trying to catch up)


Ramona Falls

Phantogram (their track When I’m Small is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs)

Now your turn… Shout out some stuff I need to check out. I’m aching for some new music.

Tuesday’s Tunes

A day late….

Remember garbage from the 90s? Remember Shirley Manson and how we all wanted to be her? Well, I do, and boy did I ever want to be her. Remember this cover of Details magazine? Need I say more… Well, garbage have a new album coming on in May and you can download their new single here. I dig it. I dig it a lot.

I love this video from Nite Jewel. Makes me think Desperate Housewives meets Eyes Wide Shut.

This song by Aluna George is just heavenly.

And I know this is an oldie but it makes me happy. I love Miami Horror. And it is so fitting for the lovely weather we are beginning to have. Yay spring!

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Tuesday’s Tunes

Sorry, I was absent for Tuesday’s Tunes last week. I have no excuse. I apologize.

This week I’m just going to focus on one thing.

The lovely Fiona Apple. She announced the title of her upcoming album.

The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do.

I wouldn’t expect anything else but amazing from her. I was first introduced to her when I was 16.  I saw her on 120 Minutes. My weekly ritual was recording 120 Minutes every week, watching it throughout the week, taking notes on new artists. I had a rough time in high school. Fiona Apple really spoke to me.

And each album following just resinated inside me. It was as if they came out at just the right moment in my life that I needed a certain guidance. Sounds silly, but that girl really has a voice and I’ve been hearing it loud and clear for many years. And the announcement of her new album just sheds a light that I believe will never burn out.

Thank you, Miss Fiona. Keep singing. I’m listening, loud and clear. And so is Zalyn.

So, I will leave you with a few of my favorites by her. Although it’s pretty hard to narrow it down to just a few.

Never is a Promise makes me cry every time I hear it. Still.

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Tuesday’s Tunes

I’ll start with some commentary on The Voice. We loved watching last season. It aired right around the time Zalyn was born so we have memories of watching the blind auditions with a newborn in our arms. So, this season, we’re automatically hooked. I’m rooting for Christina’s team. My favorites are Lindsey Pavao and Charlotte Sometimes (from Blake’s team.) What about you? You watching The Voice this season, who are you rooting for?

I’ve always been an Indigo Girls fan. All thanks to my lovely sister who loves them. Amy Ray, one half of the girls of indigo, released her 6th solo album today. I’m loving it.

So, remember a few weeks ago when everyone was freaking out about the At The Drive-In reunion? Well, it turns out to just be a “nostalgia thing,” says Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from the group. I’m ok with that. As long as they pass through St. Louis for a show. I think it’s quite ironic that I’ve seen them a few times, all of which were in New York. That’s actually the case with quite a few of my favorite bands. Spent the greater part of my 20s listening to bands that aren’t really doing much these days. But I have the albums and memories to show for it.

Metric have announced that their new album, Synthetica, will be out June 12

Now, THIS is a festival I would break my I’m-too-old-for-festivals outlook for…

Miike Snow’s new record, Happy To You, came out today. It’s pretty good but I’m not going to lie, it’s nothing like their last one.

Why did it take me so long to buy this album by Shabazz Palaces??? They’re coming to St. Louis on April 24th to the Luminary Center for the Arts.

Speaking of The Luminary... Let’s just talk a minute about the Zola Jesus show last week. That girl has a voice. And a voice that is not to be reckoned with, even live. BUT… the show made me second guess all the shows coming to the Luminary in the months ahead. Why? Well, maybe because A) there is no stage and B) there was zero lighting. So, therefore, we couldn’t see ANYTHING. I could barely see my friends that I went with. Yea, maybe if we arrived earlier and got a “spot” right up front. But still, it would be akward with no stage. Will the negative experience I had at the Luminary convince me not to go see all the amazing shows ahead? Hmmm… we’ll see.

Pitchfork announced their festival lineup for this summer.

My hubby will be over the moon excited when he finds out about this news… Squarepusher announced he has a new album coming out May 15.

I leave you with a track by CSS that constantly comes on our Pandora station at work. I just can’t get enough of it.

Tuesday’s Tunes

Fiona Apple announced some U.S. tour dates. Chicago is the closest stop.

Santigold released a new single from her upcoming album, Master of My Make-Believe. You can download the single, Disparate Youth, on iTunes.

Little Dragon, Sleigh Bells and Santigold have been announced for the opening acts for the Red Hot Chili Peppers upcoming tour. Little Dragon will be on the roster for the St. Louis show on May 25th.

Tanlines have done it again with wowing me…. This video is so rad.

This list of most blogged artists of 2011 is amazing.

Miike Snow released the track list for their new album coming out March 27. So excited for this one.

New albums out this week:

Sleigh Bells- Reign of Terror

Grimes- Visions

Fun.-Some Nights

Chiddy Bang- Breakfast

Cursive- I Am Gemini

And I’ll leave you with a lovely little song by Neon Indian:

Tuesdays Tunes

I’m back! And what a way to kick things back into gear with a special Tuesday Tunes. I’ll first start out with some newbies:

This song by First Person Shootr is so hypnotizing. I’m in love.

The lineup for Bonnaroo was announced today. My facebook feed was flooded with people posting about it. It’s a pretty good lineup. Beach Boys? How awesome is that?

I was recently informed that Zola Jesus is coming to St. Louis. Pretty excited about this show. I posted about her here.

Remember when I mentioned that Fiona Apple is working on a new record? Well, Pitchfork announced today that she will be playing their showcase at SXSW this year. Just a little bit closer to a real tour and an amazing record! So stoked for this comeback.

Here’s another girlie goodie for ya. EMA has a beautiful sound. She, too, is coming to St. Louis this spring.

Currently playing on repeat. This new track by Charli XCX

And since today is Valentines Day, how about a few of my favorite love songs. Sure, why not. ( I tried to make a playlist of all of them so you can enjoy them but not all of them were available. Sorry about that. Take my word for it, these are goodies. ) But I will tell you, it was hard to narrow it down to a short list. I just randomly picked some of my favorites. What are some of your favorite love songs?

Sondre Lerche- Let My Love Open The Door

Rise Against!- Swing Life Away

Goldfrapp- Number One

The Go Find- Forever in Your Eyes

Beth Orton- Anywhere

Tahiti 80- Your Love Shines

Bright Eyes- First Day of My Life

Bloc Party- Blue Light

Lauryn Hill- Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

Tegan and Sara- This is Everything

Onelinedrawing- Smile


Tuesday’s Tunes

Currently can’t get this song out of my head:

Lana Del Rey‘s full length album, Born to Die, came out today. I love her EP that came out a couple weeks ago.

Chairlift came out with a new album last week. I absolutely adore the song I Belong In Your Arms.

My husband came home from work the other day soooo excited to show this video to me. I may be a bit late in seeing it but it makes me so happy. I want this guy to be my friend:

Tuesday’s Tunes

I’m so excited to be telling you what I heard… Fiona Apple is finally releasing a new album. Epic records CEO L.A. Reid confirmed via Twitter that in the next few weeks, new music by her will be released. I can’t even tell you all how excited I am for this!!!!

I’m a pretty big Hip Hop fan. But I will tell you that I am very picky about hip hop. I like hip hop to have an old school feel to it. Soulful. THEESatisfaction is something I’m really digging right now.

Mansions on the Moon is a band I discovered today.

I have the Band a Day app on my phone and todays band is Rubblebucket. I like them a lot. It kinda reminds me of new school ska but way more soulful and fun.

Cursive have a new album coming out next month. I love Cursive. I listened to them a lot when I lived in New York. They bring back a lot of memories for me.

Makes me sad when good musicians call it quits:

What are some good bands/songs/albums I should check out?


Tuesday’s Tunes

Zalyn wanted in on the Tuesday search for tunes…

So, I have a quite a few goodies for you today….

Sleigh Bells have a new album coming out in February.

I’m a HUGE Mos Def fan. I just absolutely adore him. His music, his acting. Every little thing about him. This is his new project. I’m incredibly excited for it.

I’m loving Nite Jewel 

Tanlines is a band I discovered in the summer of 2010. They have a new album coming out March 20. What I’ve heard from it is amazing.

This song by MNDR is soooo good. Her new new album is expected to be released this summer.