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A Roadtrip to Iowa

As much as I absolutely loved going on this little mini vacation with Z, it pained me that we HAD to. Let me explain… As we know, it is not legal for same sex couples to marry in every single state. So, when my sister wants to commit her life and love to her partner, she should be able to. Not have to drive/fly/travel somewhere else to do it only for it to be legit only there….

But we had the most amazing time. My sister lives a couple hours away so we started the trip out with a little drive to her house. Zalyn did wonderful on that car ride. Slept most of the way. We spent the first day there lounging around, playing with iPad’s, Zalyn got some cuddles with Aunt Christine while I ran errands with her partner, Katie. It was a great start to the trip.

We headed for Iowa early Monday morning. We took our time, made stops. Two memorable stops- one was at the American Gothic House. They have prairie dresses and overalls that you can dress up in and take your picture in front of the house. It was a pretty exciting stop. My nephew Nolan, got into character real quick. He loved it. Our second stop was a stop for lunch at this teeny tiny little dinner. To sum it up: Took us 20 minutes of standing around waiting to be seated until someone tols us to seat ourselves, Nolan’s grilled cheese wasn’t grilled, they didn’t bring us out any silverware or napkins, brought us tuna instead of chicken salad, gave us water with no ice, many many eye-rolling and sighing when we asked for anything and so on and so forth. As horrible as the service was, we laughed if off. We joked about it the entire trip. “Just a minute on the silverware.”

We spent 2 days in a beautiful log cabin in Charles city, Iowa. Zalyn was loving all the extra attention she was getting from her aunts and cousins. It was so lovely. I am so honored that they chose us to be a part of it. The ceremony was by a bonfire in the snow-filled woods.

Congratulations to my sister and her wonderful partner, Katie. May state borders never divide your love and commitment.

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