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Memory Lane Monday

Our dear, dear, dear friend, Christopher is working on a special surprise for Zalyn’s Birthday party. Not indulging what it is but let’s just say it has to do with pictures. He asked that I collect a good amount of some of my favorites of little Z-Pack. So, needless to say, I’m strolling down memory lane quite a bit lately.

This picture….

She was almost 5 months old. Fell asleep on Daddy’s Transformers blanket while playing.

I just love her so.

Memory Lane Monday

Since this week is my Birthday, I thought what a perfect excuse to take a stroll down Memory Lane to my 30th Birthday party 2 years ago. Farewell to my 20’s. It was a magical time. I just love looking through the pictures. Here’s just a few of my favorites. Happy Monday!

My parents are cooler than yours!

With my wig, I look SO much like my sister

My siblings (only 3 of the 5 pictured here) are cooler than yours!

My hubby cleans up nicely, doncha think?

Handsome fella's

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Memory Lane Monday

So, Memory Lane Monday is turning more into Memory Lane TUESDAY. But such is life. I get distracted….

In honor of Thanksgiving this week, I’m going to rant about some Thanksgiving memories.

1. We grew up in a fairly large house. With 6 children, it just made sense. Our backyard was amazingly huge. We took advantage of the beautiful wide open space. Especially on Thanksgiving. We started the tradition that every T-day the whole family had a soccer game. No matter the weather. There we were out there running around in sweat pants and Adidas coats and stocking caps. We were kind of a big deal (still are, minus the 90’s attire and strange sportsmanship.) I miss those days.

2. My first Thanksgiving away from home was the year I moved to New York. The family I was living with and nannied for did things so differently. They had a huge 3 course meal complete with spaghetti, ham and even more spaghetti. The little baby in the family, Anthony, was feeling under the weather. After all the eating, I had plans to go to see Phantom of The Opera on Broadway. So, my fellow nanny friend, Daniel and I took the train. But we didn’t make it that far. I caught was Anthony had. I can remember sitting on the train platform with a plastic bag at my worse. By the time I got back home, the entire family was feeling the same thing. The Thanksgiving flu of 2002.

3. The year after the big Flu of 2002, I planned on staying in New York with friends to celebrate. My dear friend, Gretchen, came to visit and we decided to go to Boston for the weekend. We took the bus from China Town to downtown Boston. Stayed with friends. Drank wine. Ate Tofurkey. Met up with other Boston friends. Drank more wine. Took the bus back. I lost my journal this weekend. Sounds like a simple detail that doesn’t really matter but when you’re a chronic journal-er like myself, it’s a big deal. I called all of our Boston friends to see if they’d seen it. No luck. I came to the conclusion that I left it on the bus. So, someone out there knows WAY too much about my life in 2003.

4. Last year this time was a rough time for me. Simply because I was coping with some very yucky morning sickness. I didn’t crave much of anything while pregnant. Except one thing… Turkey. Mind you, I was vegetarian since I was 16. Never thought I would ever eat meat again. But little Buttercup was telling my body something. And I listened. So, on Thanksgiving last year, I ate meat for the first time in 13 years! And it was awesome. Still eating meat today. But no red meat. I don’t think that will ever happen.

So, here’s to making new memories. Celebrating Thanksgiving as a mother with my little peanut. I’m pretty excited!

Memory Lane Monday…

errrr Tuesday. My day escaped me yesterday. So, I’m a day late. Oh well…

This weekend my best friend celebrated her 32 Birthday. We met in New York 7 years ago. Our lives began to take a very parallel course and continued to do so for quite some time. She moved to Brooklyn the same week I did. She got a new nanny job the same week I did. She married within months of me. We are just waiting for her to give Zalyn a pen pal. She is still in New York but plans to move to LA within the next year.

I love you Lana. Happy Birthday. Thank you for all the beautiful memories. Thank you for showing me your strength and laughs and cuddles and goofiness and wisdom and love along the way.

Memory Lane Monday

We’ve all seen the “Flashback Friday” features. Well, I’m going to do something different. Every ┬áMonday I will write about something I have fond memories of. With or without a photograph.

So, my first Memory Lane Monday is dedicated to my Grandfather.

This week my Grandfather passed away. My fathers father. This photograph is how I remember him. Big smile across his face, pants pulled up high, arms back with a perfect posture.

I have many fond memories of this incredible man. And as we mourn him and bury him on this gloomy Monday morning, the words just escape me. The tears roll down my cheek and the sadness fills my heart but the words just don’t seem to render.

I was speaking with my oldest brother last night. He is an amazing musician and he has written a beautiful song that he would like to play at the funeral today. He told us about how when Grandma passed away he wanted so badly to write a song for her but he just couldn’t get his spark. He chose to sing “Let it Be” by (as some of you may know my favorite) The Beatles. But Jeff said this time around was different. He woke up and it just came to him and he got to his guitar and wrote one of the most beautiful songs I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. (I’ve only heard a clip, I can only imagine what the entire piece is like. Be still my heart.) Hearing my brother talk about this got me to thinking about how I just can’t piece together the words to describe my feelings about losing Grandpa. There’s so much emotion, it’s not as if there’s a lack of emotion. I just can’t find the words. Or maybe I have. And I feel as if they aren’t good enough. They don’t relay my emotions as accurately as they should. Or maybe I don’t feel as if they’re good enough for Grandpa. I feel he deserves so much more. And that he does.

After Grandma passed almost 3 years ago, we all were so concerned about Grandpa. Being alone, not having Grandma to look after him. But he held on strong without her. But as the time went on, as did our lives. (Well, I will speak for myself.) I went to see Grandpa as often as I could immediately following Grandma’s death. Sometimes weekly. I wrote about it HERE. It was hard at times. Seeing him all alone, not knowing exactly if you were there and most of the time, who you were. But it meant a lot to me to see him. But as time went on, life got in the way. I began to visit him less. My visits were so infrequent that he never got to meet my daughter. For that and for the lack of visits in your last months, Grandpa, I am so sorry. From the bottom of my heart, I am truely sorry. My heart breaks thinking about you being all alone in your last days. Please know that I thought of you every day, and will continue to do so.

He was an amazing man, Tom Kiefer. He fathered 6 wonderful children. One being my incredible father. He and Grandma Rita showed us all how to love unconditionally. How to be true to your spouse and nurture them and how to be good parents. I am honored to be your Grandaughter. I am honored to parent Zalyn as you parented. She is one lucky little lady to have your genes. As are the rest of your great grandchldren.

So whenever I am having a rough day or when I’m feeling down about myself, I will remember the time I visited you when you repeatedly told me I was beautiful. Thank you. I love you. Give Grandma and Aunt Ann a big kiss from all of us.