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KONY 2012

He must be stopped.

This needs to end.

We need to show our children and our grandchildren someday that justice was served. That we did something. That we made a difference.

Go here and sign the pledge.

Repost, tweet, update, talk, yell about it.

Make KONY a celebrity so everyone knows who he is and how he needs to be stopped.

sidenote: I saw someone rant on Instagram about how people are just jumping on the bandwagon and that in a couple weeks, no one will care, this won’t be important anymore. For the record, who cares how, when and why we are passionate about this issue? The fact is that we are. That we want to make a difference. And if we continue to speak, act about it, it will remain important. Invisible Children have been working hard since 2003. It has always been important to them. Who’s to say it won’t stay powerful and important to us?

Do something.