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Let’s get back up to speed, shall we?


Z’s favorite thing to do– Wander around the lobby and hallway of our building. It’s hilarious. It’s probably the safest place for her to wander because there is virtually nothing for her to clunk her head into. So, we wander around a lot. It gets us out of the corridors of our walls and she gets to interact with all the neighbors, who just adore her. Yesterday, I took her out there to take her weekly photo. Our dear friend made her this darling tu-tu so of course I dressed her in it for photo’s. Needless to say, my face hurt from smiling and laughing. She’s such a hoot. And I might add, this girl skipped walking and went straight to running.


Obsessing over– Meal planning. I am on the hunt for the perfect day planner so I can map out our weeks a whole lot better. Nevermind using my iCal or my phone. I want it all on paper in front of me. I’m going to stock up on cooking magazines and get to planning our meals for the weeks ahead. I want to get back into the kitchen. Not only for hubs and I but for little girl too. I can’t just feed her grilled cheese everyday. Although it is her favorite.

Working on– I made Z an organizer for her bows and hair clips. Our nanny loved it so much that she asked me to make one for her granddaughter so I’m going get started on it.

Thinking about– moving into a bigger place. It’s been on my mind for quite sometime now but now that we have a very very VERY active little one, the idea sounds so much more appealing.

Anticipating– Our big beach trip to here.  All of my siblings. All of the nieces/nephews. All of us will be together. So many of us that we had to rent TWO houses! I love that. I absolutely LOVE my big family. And the moments we will share at the beach, the pool, in those houses will be absolutely unforgettable. It can’t come soon enough. We’re going July 27-August 4. Counting down the days.

Listening to– I’ve been listening to a lot of older music lately. I hit the thrifting jackpot a few weeks ago and got a ton of classic vinyl. Big Chill Soundtrack, Beatles- Abbey Road, Blondie, Janet Jackson, Joni Mitchell, Carole King. But I’m also listening to some old stuff that was on my old computer. It’s coming up on the 10 year anniversary of my move to New York so listening to that music is really bringing back a lot of memories. One artist in particular is Jarrod Gorbel/The Honorary Title. Haven’t heard of him? Shame on you, go buy any and all of his stuff right NOW.

Learning– Tons of amazing new haircutting techniques. At work, we have class every Thursday. We invite models who are open to explore new styles. I leave work every Thursday evening feeling so inspired and challenged. It is remarkable how far I have come in my career in just the few months that I’ve been at Nova. I’ve never been so happy in a job. I’m happy to call it my career.

Watching– Ok, don’t make fun of me. But the new season of So You Think You Can Dance is awesome. The auditions have been amazing. I mean, this guy? Come on. It doesn’t get much more powerful and incredible than that. His performance just brought tears to my eyes. Ignore the cheeziness and just check out what he can do with his body. And aside from him, there’s so many others with similar power and artistry in their movement. There’s another audition where a mother of two did an amazing performance and her little girl got up there and danced. It warmed my heart.

Eating– One of my favorite sandwiches. I take a spin on grilled cheese. I HATE chedder. Completely despise it. But I LOVE brie cheese. So I do, brie, pear and apple sauce and grill it. So yummy.

Wishing– Still wishing the same thing from last time. 



Obsessing over- Working out. Still trying to figure out if a gym membership is worth it and in our budget. So as of now, I go for a jog in the morning after Z wakes up. It kick starts my day in the right direction and I just feel so much more energized throughout the day. The days I don’t get a work out, I feel it. I’m more sluggish throughout the day. So I’m trying to figure out a plan that can fit into every day and what works for me. If I don’t get a jog in the morning, I almost always take Z out for a walk at some point during the day, weather permitting.

Working on- This house. The organizing, the rearranging, the de-cluttering, the making it a home. It is all never ending. We would really love to get into a bigger place a little closer to both our jobs but we are making it work while we are here.

Thinking About- How much I’m going to miss my brother and his family. They are headed west tomorrow. His job is transferring him to California. As excited as I am for him, I’m pretty quite selfishly sad.

Anticipating- Zalyn’s first Birthday. It’s only two months away. I can’t believe it. We will be doing the party all ourself. I intend to do all the baking and definitely all the decorating. I think I nailed down a theme, too. I’m super excited.

Listening to- This is an easy one. I’m currently playing Gotye’s cd, Making Mirrors. Also, the new Grimes album, Visions and the lovely Zola Jesus’ record, Conatus.

Eating- I made another batch of homemade granola bars. But this time I added some banana chips. Makes them a little more crunchy. So yummy.

Wishing- My husband didn’t work so much. I’m just going to leave it at that.

Thank you to Danielle’s blog for the inspiration