Tuesday’s Tunes

It was a sad week in the music world. We lost someone powerful. Someone who was part of something amazing, something that signified friendship and teamwork. That teamwork produced some of the greatest albums of our time.  I’ve always been a pretty big Beastie Boys fan. Seeing them perform the summer after I graduated high school was one of my favorite memories. I remember listening to “Fight For Your Right” with my brothers in the basement of the house we grew up in. I remember the first time I saw this video. My brothers and I used to run around the house singing it driving my mother crazy. I’m not gonna lie, it just may have been when I was developing crushes on musicians outside the “boy group genre”. (ahem, New Kids On The Block)  And who could forget this video? It was a time when people bothered to watch MTV for the sole content of music and music only. Oh my how things have changed.

RIP Adam Yauch. I’m sorry that your last years here you were battling cancer. My heart aches for your family and close friends. Thank you for the impact you made on music and the industry.

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