A bit distracted

Things have been crazy. Not necessarily busy-crazy. But just crazy. I feel as if I go go go. And My body decided to lash out on me. My sciatica got so bad that for two days in a row I was hunched over, walking as if I was crippled, and even feeling like I was crippled. I’ve been struggling with sciatica since high school. The only time that it didn’t give me a hard time was surprisingly, when I was pregnant! I know, strange.

So, an emergency appointment with the chiropractor and I was on my way to recovery. I’ve been twice since last week. It’s helped out a lot. I think I just need to learn to take it easy from time to time. Even when there’s a pile of dishes in the sink. Even when I’m anxious to get a sewing project done.

So, as I sit here at my computer while little one naps, I take a look around at all the things I “should” be doing or “need” to be doing and I obsess over it. So, I will wrap this up. Just an update as to why I’ve been MIA and why there hasn’t been any Tuesday Tunes. On that note, I’m just going to say that Fiona Apple will be coming to STL in July. I’m a happy little camper!

I have a list extremely long of blog posts I’d like to get to so don’t be surprised if I do decide to leave the laundry in the dryer and go on a blogging spree. Some new posts may or may not pop up throughout the next couple of days, at least I hope so… We’ll see.

Bye for now!

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