A Few of My Favorite Things… Trader Joe’s Edition

I absolutely LOVE Trader Joe’s. I try to do MOST of our grocery shopping there. Although I will say, the only thing that I don’t like about good ol Trader Joe’s is that it isn’t one stop shopping. I usually have to hit up the neighboorhood grocery for deli meat, baby yogurt, Andres’ favorite hot pockets, etc. But that’s ok. The stuff I love at Trader Joe’s makes the two trips worth it.

Here’s a few of my favorite things from there:

Their guacamole is so good. Some guacamole has too much extra stuff in it. Not this. It’s strictly avocado goodness.


Chocolate Covered Chocolate Chip Dunkers. Needs no explaining. I pair these up with a cup of hot cocoa. Delish.

The white bean hummus is by far the best hummus.

These right here, are my weakness. Chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. Need I say more? And the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

I’m also loving on their Coconut Shrimp, any and all of their granola bars and their spicy chai mix.

What about you? You shop at Trader Joe’s? What are some of your favorites?


One thought on “A Few of My Favorite Things… Trader Joe’s Edition

  1. rae says:

    i can’t go there because i just leave with a bag full of snacks! i love the mini peanut butter cups, and the mochi, and the gnocchi, and the dark chocolate raspberry fingers. mmm.

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