Who Knew Making a Quilt Would Make Me Cry?

I’m pretty sentimental. Scratch that, I’m VERY sentimental. I try not to be TOO much of a packrat and keep every little thing that reminds me of every little thing. But with a little one in our lives, it’s hard not to. I refuse to get rid of any of Zalyn’s clothes that don’t fit her anymore. So I decided I’d start a tradition for a Christmas gift for her every year especially from me. I would make her a quilt out of some of her clothes that she wore that year. I know that by the time she’s a teenager, it will be “cheesy” or “not cool.” But as long as she’s a baby and not quite “too cool for mom,” I’m gonna do it.

But boy oh boy, was it hard to go through those clothes. Cutting them up was the hardest thing EVER. I literally took a deep breath each little cut I made. But just think, she’ll be cuddling up with her little quilt Mommy made her.

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