Today After Work

I hurried home after a long day at work today to see my little lady. It’s been a long week filled with plenty of stress, tears and missing my lady. Yes, I am away from her only 3 days a week but it’s rough. I will not lie. I can not sugar coat it. So, needless to say, I was happy to be home from work and ready to start our “weekend” together. I am off Sunday through Wednesday. It’s the best 4 days of my week. So, when I got home from work, I asked our lovely nanny, Kitty, to put her in a cute outfit because it was Saturday and what does this silly mama do every Saturday? Take her weekly picture. She was born on a Saturday so I’ve taken her picture every single Saturday next to a note card saying how old she is. I joke that I’m going to do it every week for her entire life. Her wedding day will be on a Saturday and I’ll say, “Time for your weekly picture, Miss Zalyn.” She will thank me one day.

I asked Kitty to take a few pictures of me and my little lady. I’m always the one behind the camera so there isn’t too many pictures of us.

I did 2 makeup applications at work so pardon the makeup smeared hands

My little blue-eyed angel

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